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A safety shower rental can be on site and operational long before it takes the paperwork and financial approvals to purchase one.

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“I hope you know how much we appreciate your help with getting these showers here. This type of customer service is rare, and I will make sure to recommend you guys [ATS ShieldSafe] to EVERYONE in our area.”

Engineer in Charge of Safety Showers  global methanol production company

5 Questions to Ask When Selecting a Safety Shower Rental

1. Is the Shower Constructed of Wood?

Wood-framed showers quickly rot and warp in harsh conditions. Even showers with a metal frame and wood flooring can be problematic. Hidden rot can jeopardize the safety of your employees. All-metal showers can withstand hurricanes, floods, and extreme temperatures, and will continue to function correctly for longer.

2. Is the Shower Gravity Fed?

The more parts involved in the shower, the higher the likelihood of shower failure—power outage, pneumatic hose leaks, etc. The longer a shower is on site, the higher the failure risk. ATS ShieldSafe’s gravity-fed safety showers have a simple design that helps avoid power problems by leveraging gravity to ensure water will flow, making them among the safest showers, especially for remote locations.

3. How are the Showers Manufactured?

Today, many ill-equipped businesses rush into manufacturing items for several unrelated markets, without expertise in any of them, just to make a profit. Several rental companies today provide safety shower trailers that are merely horse or cargo trailers, retrofitted with a safety shower. ATS ShieldSafe’s portable safety shower trailers are designed and built from the ground-up with certified safety shower technology on a rugged, all-metal trailer.

4. What Are My Safety Shower Options?

Rental safety showers are designed for various applications and customer needs. Don’t allow your company to be sold more, or less, than you actually need. In other words, be aware of your options; don’t over-pay for features that aren’t necessary, nor should you wind up with a shower that may be inexpensive, but doesn’t meet all your needs. ATS ShieldSafe experts will listen to your needs, ask the right questions, and recommend a shower that matches and meets your specific requirements.

5. Is the Rental Shower Supported by Safety Shower Experts?

ShieldSafe doesn’t just rent showers. Every shower is backed by the knowledge and expertise that protects human life, and provides corporate entities with peace of mind. Recently, ATS ShieldSafe’s staff received an “A grade” for Overall Supplier Performance from an independent rating service. The expert ShieldSafe team is always ready to discuss everything from tepid water requirements to transportation and delivery. Call us anytime—800.747.9953.

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A Few of Our Most-Rented Options



ShieldSafe’s new SafetyRig shower is ANSI Z358.1 compliant and can be upgraded to meet C1D2 requirements.The SafetyRig protects accident victims from harsh external weather conditions inside a safe, enclosed, (optional heated/cooled) mobile shelter. The SafetyRig’s protective safety center is uniquely designed to protect accident victims from harsh environmental conditions and can provide additional on-site security by adding an ANSI compliant first aid kit.

Its unique self-contained design eliminates the need for ANSI-required weekly activation tests. Instead, all that is required is a simple weekly visual verification of water level. This model includes a 450-gallon tank with an immersion heater to maintain the water temperature above the ANSI minimum of 60°F (15.6°C). Water pressure is provided by an electric or pneumatic water pump, and the unit comes with an integrated eyewash. SafetyRig’s drop-and-lock legs provide additional stability during use. A key feature of this product is its small footprint, which allows for deployment in small or tight work areas.



The EcoRig is built for rugged day-in and day-out field applications. This “little tough guy” provides full compliance with the latest ANSI Z358.1 standards for safety showers and eyewashes. And its small footprint allows for deployment in small or tight work areas.

This mobile shower/eyewash is made from sturdy materials and is manufactured to provide mobile emergency protection wherever there is no potable water source on site. An electric water pump supplies water pressure for both the shower and integrated eyewash.

The EcoRig is easy to set up and provides the safety you need at an affordable month-to-month rate.



Every year, thousands of employees become ill while working in hot and humid conditions; worse yet, dozens of these workers die from these conditions. Over 40% of these heat-related deaths occur in construction-related industries; however, all outdoor laborers are susceptible. Heat associated illnesses can affect anyone, regardless of age or physical condition.

ShieldSafe’s unique cool-down trailers meet heat-stress management guidelines. This cost saving trailer doesn’t require a water supply or drain, and its no-tank design eliminates refills and cleanings—making it virtually maintenance-free.

Thank you guys for the best customer service. It’s GREAT to see a company take pride in that department.

Jake, oil and gas field supplier

“These products, conjunction with the services provided by ATS, work better than anything else we have tried.”

Richard, facilities manager

“I look forward to working with you on the next order. You and your team are top notch!”

Stephanie, global engineering firm

“Over the past 35 years, I have talked to many companies and was quite impressed with your level of knowledge.”

Dan, strategic government solutions provider

ATS ShieldSafe

ATS ShieldSafe is an innovator and premier provider of emergency safety showers and eyewashes for industrial and commercial use. We offer showers that stand up to extreme hot and cold climates, solutions for remote locations that may lack potable water or be difficult to get to, as well as excellent options when budgets are tight. Designed to outlast the competition, ATS ShieldSafe products offer top-of-the-line protection so you never have to question the safety of your employees or company.