Mobile Office Trailer

Maximize on-site efficiency with the WorkRig™️ Mobile Office Trailer. Ready-to-use, weather-resistant, and equipped for any remote job, it’s the perfect blend of durability and convenience. Quick to deploy and cost-effective, the WorkRig ensures your project never skips a beat.

  • All-steel construction
  • Galvanized Frame
  • Central HVAC
  • Aluminum windows
  • Extended warranty

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About the WorkRig™️

Probably the most robust mobile office on the market

Discover the ultimate solution for your on-site project needs with the WorkRig—ATS ShieldSafe’s innovative Mobile Office Trailer. Designed to elevate project management, enhance employee comfort, and significantly increase productivity, the WorkRig offers a dynamic and efficient workspace right where you need it most: on any remote job site.

The WorkRig is not just another mobile office; it’s a beacon of flexibility and safety, tailored for the management teams that lead from the front. Crafted from durable all-steel, this robust trailer stands resilient in the face of harsh weather conditions, outperforming traditional wooden models that falter under environmental pressures. With ATS ShieldSafe, you’re provided with a range of options to fit your project’s duration and needs, including both short and long-term rentals or purchases, ensuring that your on-site management requirements are met without compromise.

Step inside the WorkRig, and you’ll find a ready-to-use office environment equipped with all the essentials: comfortable chairs, practical tables, electrical hook-ups, and optional Internet connectivity. This turnkey solution guarantees that your on-site team can start working immediately, without the delays of setting up a conventional office space.

Choosing the WorkRig means opting for a cost-effective alternative to permanent structures, with the added benefit of rapid deployment to your job site, ensuring your project keeps moving forward smoothly. Its heavy-duty construction features a galvanized frame, central HVAC for year-round comfort, aluminum windows, and an extended warranty for peace of mind.

The WorkRig is versatile, ideal for various sectors including construction, oil and gas, education, healthcare, and government projects. It’s more than just a workspace; it’s a strategic hub designed to support your project’s success from start to finish. Embrace the future of on-site project management with the WorkRig Mobile Office Trailer by ATS ShieldSafe and turn any remote job site into a hub of productivity and efficiency.

WorkRig Features

  • All-steel construction
  • Galvanized Frame
  • Central HVAC
  • Aluminum windows
  • Extended warranty
  • Electrical hook-ups
  • Internet accessibility (optional)
  • Furnishings (optional)

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