C1D2 Mobile Safety Shower

The portable C1D2 rated EcoRig™ safety shower and eyewash offers affordable protection for your employees in virtually any location. Its pneumatic pump, electric immersion heater, and large capacity tank provide over 15 minutes of continuous tepid water flow for emergency situations.

  • C1D2
  • ANSI Z358.1 Compliant
  • Privacy/Weather Protection
  • Heavy-Duty Construction
  • Self-Contained/Small Footprint
  • Meets Tepid Water Standards

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About the EcoRig™️

Probably the most robust mobile safety shower on the market

Introducing the EcoRig Portable Safety Shower: a state-of-the-art solution engineered for field applications where access to potable water is non-existent. This Class 1 Division shower is built from the ground up with durability in mind, ensuring it withstands the rigors of mobile use for years to come. When operated as intended, the EcoRig meets the stringent requirements of ANSI Z358.1 (2014), guaranteeing not just safety but also compliance in any outdoor or remote setting.

Crafted with a robust powder-coated frame, the EcoRig is designed to resist the elements, making it a reliable companion for outdoor professionals. Its innovative heattrace system, equipped with self-regulating capabilities, ensures that the water temperature is consistently maintained, eliminating the risk of freezing in cold environments. Additionally, the shower features clear signage and simplified electronics for ease of use, alongside a handy storage bin for tools and accessories, ensuring everything you need is within reach.

The EcoRig model boasts a 400-gallon tank, complete with an immersion heater to keep the water temperature comfortably above the ANSI-required 60°F (15.6°C). This ensures that users have access to warm, safe water even in the coldest conditions. The pneumatic water pump provides reliable water pressure, while the integrated eyewash station offers an added layer of safety, making it an all-encompassing safety solution.

One of the EcoRig’s standout features is its compact footprint, allowing it to be deployed in the most confined or restricted spaces without compromising on functionality. Whether you’re working in tight industrial spaces, remote agricultural sites, or challenging outdoor terrains, the EcoRig Portable Safety Shower is designed to offer unparalleled safety and compliance, wherever you are.

With its combination of durability, compliance, and compact design, the EcoRig Portable Safety Shower is the ultimate tool for ensuring workplace safety in environments without access to potable water. Get ready to experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your team is protected, no matter where your work takes you.

EcoRig Features

  • Classified C1D2 for safety in hazardous environments.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Complies with ANSI Z358.1 (2014) standards.
  • Features a 400-gallon heated tank to maintain tepid water standards.
  • Equipped with a 1,200-watt immersion tank heater.
  • Includes fill and drain ports for easy maintenance.
  • Constructed with a stainless steel shower head for durability.
  • Features an eyewash station with a protective cover.
  • Comes with a utility box for additional storage.
  • Supported by a powder-coated steel frame for enhanced longevity.
  • Self-regulating heat trace for freeze protection ensures functionality in cold conditions.
  • Operates on a readily available 20-Amp outlet for easy installation.
  • Activation is simple with a pull handle mechanism.
  • Designed with a small footprint to save space.
  • Capable of shipping five units on a single trailer for efficient transport.
  • Includes required signage for compliance and easy identification.
  • Comes with a quickstart guide for effortless setup and use.
  • Optional self-insulated blanket available for low temperature conditions.

Technical Data

Specific details about the EcoRig

Operating Temp

0°F – 100°F

-17.8°C – 37.8°C

Voltage Requirements

120V, 20A, single phase, 60Hz

NEMA 5-20 plug



Pneumatic Air Options

200 cu. ft. Nitrogen Tank

  • CGA-580 Connection
  • Recommended regulator set to 80 PSI (will work from 60–120 PSI)
  • Replace cylinder after five minutes of use or six months.

Plant Air

  • Recommended regulator set to 80 PSI (will work from 60–120 PSI)

Air Compressor

  • Recommended regulator set to 80 PSI (will work from 60–120 PSI)
  • Air compressor must meet a minimum of 7 SCFM at 80 psi.

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