A Painful Revelation: The Need for Tepid Water in Safety Showers

On a typical workday, our CEO, Richard Allred, was conducting a routine inspection at a large government facility. Experienced in handling hazardous chemicals, he was inspecting the chemical processing area when a pipe suddenly burst, spraying sulfuric acid in his direction. Despite the intense pain and shock, Richard quickly made his way to the nearest safety shower. However, instead of finding relief, he was met with painfully cold water, which made it difficult to remain under it long enough to effectively wash off the acid.

This incident highlighted a significant flaw in our safety protocols: the safety shower, intended to provide tepid water for extended use, instead delivered a freezing jet stream, exacerbating the severity of the situation. Nearby workers helped Richard to the employee locker room, where he could use a regular shower with adjustable temperature to complete the decontamination process.

The Birth of ShieldSafe: Innovating Industrial Safety

Motivated by his harrowing encounter with the faulty safety shower during the chemical accident, Richard was determined to enhance the acceptance by industry of common sense safety standards (ANSI z358-1). His ordeal exposed a critical flaw: safety showers must offer tepid water to be effective, yet many failed to meet this basic requirement. This realization led to the establishment of ShieldSafe, a division of ATS focused on developing advanced safety solutions that genuinely protect workers.

ANSI Z358.1-2014: Emergency Eyewash & Shower Standard
Source: ANSI Z358.1-2014

Under Richard’s leadership, ShieldSafe set out to engineer the most reliable safety showers on the market. Recognizing that the effectiveness of a safety shower hinges on its ability to consistently deliver tepid water, the company made this feature a priority in their designs. Richard and his team dedicated themselves to extensive research and development, testing numerous prototypes to ensure their showers would perform under the most extreme conditions.

Engineering Excellence: Designing the Ultimate Safety Shower

The outcome was a line of safety showers that not only met but exceeded industry standards. These showers are equipped with innovative temperature control systems that maintain water at a tepid temperature, ensuring that workers can comfortably remain under the water for the time necessary to effectively remove hazardous substances. Moreover, ShieldSafe showers are constructed with robust materials, designed to endure the rigors of industrial environments without compromising functionality.

Source: ISHN

Recognizing that different workplaces have varied needs, ShieldSafe also offers flexibility in how companies can acquire these essential safety features. Richard introduced a model that includes both capital sales (SafetyShower.com) and a rental fleet (SafetyRental.com), making top-of-the-line safety showers accessible to a broader range of companies, regardless of their size or capital constraints. This approach not only helps organizations comply with safety regulations but also demonstrates a commitment to employee welfare, fostering a culture of safety across industries.

A Legacy of Protection: Richard Allred’s Vision for a Safer Workplace

Through ShieldSafe, Richard Allred has transformed his personal ordeal into a crusade to safeguard workers worldwide. His efforts have not only revolutionized the design and functionality of safety showers but have also set new benchmarks for reliability and employee protection in the industrial safety market. Under his guidance, ShieldSafe continues to lead the way, ensuring that every worker has access to safe, effective, and reliable emergency decontamination facilities.