Ensuring Worker Safety with Tepid Water in Portable Safety Showers

In industries where the risk of exposure to hazardous substances is a constant threat, portable safety showers serve as a critical line of defense in safeguarding worker health and safety. Importantly, these devices, especially their ability to provide tepid water, play an indispensable role in ensuring safety. This article covers the ANSI Z358.1 standard for [...]

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Ensuring Worker Safety in Extreme Weather: The Crucial Role of Portable Safety Showers in the Oil & Gas Industry

In the dynamic and often hazardous world of oil and gas extraction and processing, safety is paramount. The unpredictability of weather, especially extreme conditions, adds a significant layer of complexity to maintaining a safe working environment. Enter the portable safety shower. The recent freeze in Texas during February 2021 serves as a stark reminder [...]

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Exploring Air Supply Solutions for Mobile Safety Showers: A Guide for Engineers and Purchasing Agents

Introduction When it comes to ensuring the safety of your facility or job site, especially in environments where the risk of chemical exposure is a concern, safety showers are non-negotiable. But what often puzzles engineers and purchasing agents alike is the question of powering these essential devices. The topic of whether to rent an air [...]

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Pneumatic Pumps in Mobile Safety Showers: A Shield Against Low-Probability, High-Impact Events

In the realm of industrial safety, the principle of preparedness is foundational, guiding the implementation of systems and protocols designed to mitigate risks and protect workers. At ATS ShieldSafe, this principle is central to our decision-making process, particularly in the choice of utilizing pneumatic pumps for our mobile safety showers. While the most common [...]

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Mobile Safety Shower Use Cases

Remotely or Short-Term Protection Industries operating remotely or involved in short-term projects with chemicals, fuels, and acids require mobile safety showers due to unique safety concerns may require mobile safety showers. In these environments, fixed safety showers are often absent, endangering workers to chemical exposure. Mobile safety showers offer swift decontamination right where needed, [...]

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