“We have seen how the evolution of the industry has been good for
employees and customers by driving safety and productivity.”

Matt Flannery, President and CEO, United Rentals

Rental Management Magazine, By Wayne Walley/ November 2022



The Opportunity

Stricter government regulations is increasing the demand for workplace safety equipment which is anticipated to skyrocket with 80,000 renters in the U.S. in 2024. Non-compliant businesses are facing hefty fines, penalties and legal liabilities—driven by these consideration these same businesses are scrambling for compliant safety solutions.

As a ShieldSafe dealer you will offer the highest quality safety equipment on the market. ShieldSafe’s rugged stand-alone safety showers and worksite cooling trailers are designed for remote protection for employees working in the harshest weather conditions. Simply put, there are no higher quality units made.

Rent and/or Sell

As a ShieldSafe dealer you can generate ongoing revenue by renting your equipment or create income by selling new or your used rental equipment.

Become a Dealer

  • Enroll in the Initial Stocking Order package
  • Annual purchase or resale commitment
  • Protected territories by county—Sales and Services
  • Maintain Minimum Annual Purchase

Dealers Receive • Trade Discount

  • Marketing Materials
  • Corporate Generated Leads
  • Sales Training and Support
  • Maintenance Training and Support
  • Access to ATS Fleet national fleet rentals

Next Steps

Give us a call and we’ll provide you further details on how ATS ShieldSafe can assist you in dominating your local market by providing OSHA-required safety equipment.

For further dealer information call 855.255.5336 • ATSShieldSafe.com

Be the Safety Solution

Tap into the booming demand for OSHA-compliant safety equipment by joining the ShieldSafe Dealership Program. Offer elite safety solutions to businesses facing stringent regulations and avoid hefty fines. With ShieldSafe, you’re not just selling; you’re providing vital protection. Fill out our form to learn how you can dominate your local market as a ShieldSafe dealer. Your opportunity for growth starts here.