Used Equipment Sales

Occasionally, ATS ShieldSafe provides opportunities to purchase its pre-owned equipment. If you have an interest in acquiring this equipment, please contact us to inquire about the current inventory or to be added to a waiting list for the specific equipment you desire.

Why we sell our used rental equipment

Replacement: Our well-maintained equipment still has plenty of life left in them. Some customers are particularly interested in purchasing used equipment at a lower cost to maximize the value of our well-maintained equipment.

No Longer Needed: After large projects, surplus equipment may be underutilized or unnecessary. Selling this equipment frees up funds for other investments.

Demand Fluctuation: Equipment demands fluctuate due to industry related economics, leading to excess used units becoming available.

Idle Equipment: Equipment depreciates when unused, leading to inefficiency. Regularly tracking usage, maintenance, and condition is crucial. If equipment sits idle with no future plans, selling it is a practical choice.

Updated Models: As we continually upgrade ATS ShieldSafe equipment with newer models, some of our older model units become available for sale, still in great working order. In fact, some customers prefer simpler, older equipment.

Used Rental Units That May Become Available

Upgrade your business affordably with our financing options for used equipment. Benefit from low upfront costs, flexible payment plans, and quick approvals. Fast-track your growth with quality equipment tailored to your budget needs.

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