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If you work on an industrial job site, you know the dangers associated with it and why worker safety is crucial. Maybe you’re only on a job site for a few weeks or months; however, it’s vital having an accessible gravity-fed safety shower. A safety shower rental presents a great solution of convenience, reduced cost, and less space.

Safety Shower Rental Q & A

Before delving into the perks of renting a safety shower, you may have questions. Here are some common questions and answers to help in your decision-making:


1.    What is the shower constructed of, wood or steel? We build all our safety showers from metal that can withstand extreme temps, floods, and even hurricane-strength winds. Wood easily rots and warps in harsh weather conditions. Even if the exterior of a safety shower looks metal, many safety showers have hidden wood inside the walls or in the floor. This is especially true if the shower has been converted from a cargo trailer. We build all of ATS ShieldSafe’s showers from the ground up to specifically protect against rot; therefore,  renting a metal safety shower that’s built to last is your best option.

2.    Are your safety showers gravity-fed? ATS ShieldSafe™ carries several gravity-fed safety showers, including the SafetyRig, ™ the most robust gravity-fed mobile shower in the world. We also carry Ecodrench, ™ Glacier, ™ and the Tropic. ™

3.    How are the showers manufactured? At ShieldSafe, we ensure all our safety showers are strong but simple; this helps avoid power problems by leveraging gravity to ensure the flow of water, making them among the safest showers – particularly for remote locations.

4.    What options do I have for a safety shower rental? We designed our safety showers to include a variety of applications, depending on your needs. You should only purchase or rent, according to your needs and budget. Consider your options, instead of getting something that has a lot of features that you don’t need, but also incurs extra expense. At ATS ShieldSafe, we will listen to your concerns, ask the right questions, and give recommendations to match your specific requirements.

5.    Are your safety showers ANSI Z358.1 2014 compliant? YES! We strive to ensure all our products meet safety standards. Worker safety is our #1 priority. The expert ShieldSafe team has your back and is always ready to discuss with you your safety needs. Our logo is Comply, Protect, & Innovate.

Perks of a Safety Shower Rental

There are many reasons why it’s advantageous to rent a safety shower, aside from the cost and convenience. Choosing one of ShieldSafe’s safety showers gives you plenty of options for all weather conditions, including extreme cold and heat. You also decide whether you need a mobile or non-mobile shower that you can then return when you’re finished with it, thus reducing the cost and maintenance.

Another benefit of a safety shower rental includes the ability to have the unit on site, and operational way before you complete the paperwork and financial approvals for a purchase. Needing to wait for a safety shower can jeopardize worker safety and risk OSHA penalties.

Contact ATS ShieldSafe to Discuss Options

Whether your safety needs include a shower/eyewash unit in an artic or a tropical climate, a mobile versus non-mobile shower, or a gravity-fed, metal strong one, we can deliver! When you call ATS ShieldSafe’s fantastic customer representatives, they will answer any question you have and address your concerns. Our SafetyShield showers are entirely ANSI-compliant, as of 2014, and built tough. Our mission includes ensuring worker safety, should an emergency occur. We welcome you to contact us at 800.747.9953.

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