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It’s a fact that working on-site in harsh conditions decreases worker safety – especially when a chemical accident occurs, and a crisis emerges. With costs piling up, you may think to purchase a safety/eyewash unit seems excessive, however, renting one could be the ideal alternative. When renting, you get the option of giving it back once finished with the job.

Renting a safety shower/eyewash trailer for your oilfield, construction, or other industrial job sites provide many benefits in the event of a chemical-related accident. Ensuring on-the-spot first line of defense for workers should be your priority, so if an emergency arises, you’re prepared. Learn the benefits of renting a safety shower/eyewash trailer versus buying one.

Benefits of Renting Versus Buying a Safety Shower

It’s true, renting versus buying anything saves money. However, there are several other benefits to renting a safety shower/eyewash unit, including:

  • Reduced maintenance
  • Having the unit within days
  • Immediate operation
  • Less risk of OSHA penalties
  • Ability to rent mobile and plumbed showers
  • Oil Rig Accessibility

Renting gives peace of mind to workers since you’re not required to wait for paperwork completion and financial approvals. Instead, you plan monthly payments and forget about it.

SafetyRig for renting a safety shower/eyewash trailer blog
SafetyRig for renting a safety shower/eyewash trailer blog

ATS ShieldSafe™ Features Mobile and Plumbed Safety Showers

Depending on your situation, ATS ShieldSafe carries fully compliant safety showers required of OSHA and ANSI Z358.1. (2014) Our mobile safety showers/eyewash stations include the MidRig™ and the EcoRig.™

We dubbed the MidRig the most robust enclosed safety shower on the market – for a reason. Designed from the ground up for the harshest conditions in the world, the MidRig holds up under frigid northern states and Canada to hurricane-prone areas such as the Gulf states and Mexico. Because of its unique design, you don’t need to worry about weekly activation tests, just a simple weekly verification of water level. The MidRig holds a 450-Gallon tank and immersion heater to maintain the temperature above the ANSI minimum of 60°F and is made of strong steel, which stands the test of time. During use, take advantage of the drop-and-lock legs, thus providing additional stability.

The EcoRig, a smaller safety shower with a small imprint, enables deployment in tight or small workspaces. Like the MidRig, it’s made of heavy-duty steel and manufactured for mobile emergency protection where there’s no potable water source on-site. The shower and integrated eyewash also provide an electric water pump which supplies water pressure. Best, the portable C1D2 rated shower offers affordable protection for your employees virtually anywhere.

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If you’re looking for the ultimate worker protection, we’d like to hear from you. We’ll give you more information on renting a safety shower/eyewash trailer, non-mobile, or portable unit perfect for your situation. Call us at 800.747.9953 today and let our safety experts address your questions or concerns. Our goal of Improving LIFE one drop at a time starts with offering optimal worker protection and privacy. Whether you’re looking to rent or invest in a purchase, contact us today!

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