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At ATS ShieldSafe, we believe in the power of collaborating with clients to solve their problems and provide best-in-class, customizable and compliant safety showers that protect employees and offer peace of mind. Our emergency safety showers and eyewashes meet the strictest government safety regulations and standards, including ANSI Z358.1 (2014).

With options for extreme cold or hot weather, to rugged mobile/portable showers for changing job sites, to self-contained, tank-fed showers for locations without potable water, ATS ShieldSafe has the solution.

The ATS ShieldSafe line of safety showers is created and backed by the most innovative, problem-solving team in the industry. The resulting products are safer, longer-lasting, and more cost-effective than the competition—making ATS ShieldSafe the smartest choice for both business and safety. Our specialists are ready to help answer questions or recommend the right solution for any situation, whether you need an emergency trailer delivered or a long-term design and buildout. Contact us today.

Mobile Showers

Take the protection of an ATS ShieldSafe safety shower with you in a best-in-class trailer-based safety shower. The EcoRig­™ is a small but mighty shower & eyewash combo. The MidRig™ features an enclosed shower design to provide privacy to victims and helps waste management. The SafetyRig™ is similarly enclosed but is also the only gravity-fed trailer safety shower on the market.

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